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Rita gets Mavis to talk to her. She assures Mavis that she had good reason to cancel the sale but refuses to tell her what. She tells Mavis that she's willing to make her manageress of The Kabin as she doesn't intend to work in it after she marries. Andy is annoyed as Paula tries to get out of seeing him as she wants to study. Vicky puts Alec off when he wants to see her off. Instead Steve arrives at the station to kiss her goodbye. Derek rows with Rita, bitter that he gave up the Hewitt's job. Simon Beatty calls at No.6 looking for Steph. Des makes him see that he's being an idiot. Mavis tells Derek she can't stand his bitterness; she intends to look forward and the manager's job is a good offer. She accepts Rita's offer. Raquel tells Des it's obvious he wants Steph back. She tells him that he has to decide who he wants.


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