Des celebrates his twenty-seventh birthday. He is upset that Raquel and Phyllis haven't got him presents. Alec considers serving evening meals to help pay for the kitchen. Betty refuses to work evenings so he abandons the idea. Gail refuses to let Mike have free meals at the cafe and annoys him by making it clear that she doesn't like him. Rita realises that she loves Ted and tells him that she will marry him but she won't go to Florida; she'll need her friends round her when he dies. He understands and is grateful that she cares so much. Raquel gets Des out of the house so that the neighbours can prepare it for his party. He is amazed by the party and Raquel is thrilled that he didn't guess. Simon Beatty turns up during the party looking for Steph. Des goes for him and is pleased to hear that Steph has left him. Raquel isn't so pleased though.


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