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The paperboys and girls strike outside The Kabin. Mavis is stunned when Derek sacks all the picketing strikers. Bet tells Vicky that she's not going on holiday whilst she's rowing with Alec. Vicky tells her that she's decided to stay and exploit Alec's weaknesses, like Bet does. Vicky gets Alec to give her £50 for a new blazer. Steve goes for Andy when he calls him a cradle-snatcher. Andy gets his own back by telling Jim that Steve is going to an all-night party. Bet leaves for Tenerife. Mike visits Gordon Barrett and tells him to leave Alma out of the divorce. Barrett reminds Mike that he named Alma as co-respondent to speed the divorce up. Mike tells him that he's changed his mind. Barrett refuses to change the petition. Vicky and Steve shop for a blazer together at Affleck's Palace. She buys a figure-hugging dress instead and tells Steve that she'd like to go to the all-night party with him. Derek tries to get the paperboys to betray Nigel Chadwick, telling them that they'll miss their money. Alec tells Steve that he doesn't want him anywhere near Vicky in future. Mavis accuses Derek of ruining everything at The Kabin. Vicky accuses Alec of treating her like a blank cheque. He sends her to bed. She tells him that he can't stop her seeing Steve or going to Liverpool for the all-night party.


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