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Alec doesn't like the idea of Bet holidaying with Stella Rigby. Vicky wishes that Alec would treat her as an adult. Bet offers to take her to Tenerife but she wants to stay around Steve and Saracen. Nicholas Wilding tells Vicky that after tax and VAT her inheritance is £200,000. Until she inherits it she will be paid an allowance of £50 a month. He tells Alec that he will be paid in full for all his expenses but questions the fact that he's put Saracen's new saddle down when it was meant to be Vicky's Christmas present from him. Mike discovers that Jackie has a new man and wants a quick divorce. Alec explains that he couldn't afford the whole saddle. Bet is disgusted with him but Wilding pays up. Derek accuses paperboy Nigel Chadwick of mismanaging the papers he is delivering. Nigel accuses Derek of giving him the wrong papers to deliver. Derek fines him £1.75 for mis-delivery. Nigel tells him to stuff his job and threatens to blacken The Kabin's name. Bet tries to talk to Vicky, telling her it's just in Alec's nature to try and make money when he has the opportunity. Vicky refuses to listen and states she has had enough of her grandfather. Bet decides not to go on holiday, furiously telling Alec he's got his own way again.


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