Derek has second thoughts about throwing away a stable job. He is stunned when Hewitt's offer him another £2,000 as an incentive to work for them. Mr Steele, the health officer calls at the Rovers and insists on inspecting the kitchen. He finds cracked wall tiles and flaking paintwork. He quotes the Food Safety Act to Alec and tells him that the kitchen is not good enough. Mavis tells Derek that she'd rather spend all day with him than be rich. He decides to turn the job down. The atmosphere is strained when Raquel and Des entertain Curly and Angie. They agree to stay mates. Alec is horrified that he is to have a new kitchen fitted. When he discovers that Percy caused the inspector to call, he turns on him and bars him from the pub.


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Raquel Wolstenhulme: "D'yer know, it's one thing I'm grateful to me mother for, calling me Raquel. I mean, it may sound like a brand o' disinfectant, but at least nobody shortens it."

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