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Part One: Mavis is stunned to discover that Rita is getting married and plans to live in Florida. She and Derek both realise that they could buy The Kabin off Rita. Alec refuses to be despondent when customers leave as there's no food for sale. Jim is horrified to hear that his joke cost Betty her job. He apologises to Alec, telling him that he has no intention to report him to the health inspector. Bet tells Alec that if they're not going to be reported they can sell food again. Percy thinks it's awful that Betty has been sacked and goes to the Town Hall to complain about the new food laws, telling Mr Steele, the health officer, that the customers support Betty. The officer doesn't know what he's talking about.

Part Two: Alec realises that if he doesn't serve food his profits will be drastically cut. He tells Bet that Betty can return. Martin sits the intelligence test. Betty is upset by the way Alec cast her aside after twenty-two years service. She tells Bet she doesn't know whether she wants to return or not. Mike finds out that Kevin sent Jack Halliwell a £500 service bill. Halliwell tells Mike that he realises how he's been adding to all the bills. Mike threatens Kevin with the sack if he doesn't play the game his way. Kevin decides to only charge for work carried out. Martin doesn't care if he's passed the test as he's enjoying his life as it is. Rita tells the Wiltons they'll be the first to know when she decides what she's doing with The Kabin. Reg is stunned to hear that Rita is marrying Ted. Bet thinks an apology from Alec will sway Betty. Raquel plans a dinner party at No.6, inviting Curly and Angie.


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Alec Gilroy: "There's just no getting rid of her is there? She should be written into the deeds of this place! "

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