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Derek goes for an interview at an office furniture company. He doesn't expect to get it due to his age. Bet thinks Raquel should go instead of Betty but Alec doesn't agree as Raquel brings in trade. He suggests that Bet be the one to tell Betty as it'll soften the blow but Bet refuses to have any part of it. Vanessa Morgan is moved to Walsall, to the first-ever Bettabuy store. Percy is annoyed that he can't get food at the Rovers. Bet sends Betty through to the back where Alec tells her she has to leave as they can't afford so many bar staff. She is distraught, especially when she realises that Bet knew and didn't warn her. Alec has Jack clean the kitchen in case the health department comes calling. Jack takes it without complaint, worried that he's next in the firing line. After his interview, Derek thinks he's as good as got the job. Curly is annoyed that Lord Morgan complimented Reg on the way he treated Vanessa, thereby not showing her favouritism. Kevin tells Mike that they've now made over £1,000 from adding onto the Halliwell bills. He feels they ought to stop now but Mike refuses - he's in business to make money. Kevin is annoyed and sends a joke invoice to Halliwells: £500 for mending mink-lined brakes and gold-plated spark plugs. Rita tells Ted that she will marry him.


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