Rita is attracted to Ted but doesn't want to make a mistake again. Jim discovers from Mike Maddocks that the new Food and Safety Act says any place that cooks and serves food on the premises must have a separate kitchen. He ventures into the Rovers although he's barred, orders a hotpot and takes it for "analysis". Betty feels insulted. Reg accuses Lord Morgan of being a "dirty old man" when he finds him in the store without a trolley squeezing the fruit. Curly delights in telling Reg who Morgan is. Alec realises that he's going to have to spend thousands refurbishing the kitchen or stop selling food. Gail tells Martin that she's frightened they'll grow apart if he becomes a nurse. He assures her that she's the most important thing in his life. Derek lands a job interview. Alec tells Bet they'll have to stop serving food, and that will mean Betty will have to go.


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Bet Gilroy: "Once I only had to walk in't Ritz Ballroom, I'd be fighting fellas off in truckloads. Now I reckon I could swan in in the nuddy and they'd not give pause from swilling lager down their gobs."


Betty Turpin (after Jim McDonald takes her hotpot to be examined by health authorities): "I've never been so insulted!"
Alec Gilroy: "Oh, you must've been."

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