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Raquel agrees to take Lorraine Kinsey's flat. She hopes that Des will stop her but he supports her quest for independence and even offers to help her move. Gail doesn't know how Martin is going to study with three children in the house and fears he's missing out on his youth. Reg insists that Vanessa spends her day cheese-cutting, even though she and Vera were on it all day yesterday. Curly passes on the instructions to Vanessa and tells her it was Reg's idea. Vanessa refuses as it would be a waste of time. Mavis is on her guard as it's Friday the thirteenth. Liz starts at the Legion. She finds steward Mike Maddocks a refreshing change from Alec. Reg refuses to go down to the cheese store to check on yesterday's cheese-cutting so Vanessa and Vera put all the cheese on his desk. Vanessa proves her point and is sent to clear up the frozen fish instead. Martin tells Gail that if he jumped the gun it's because she always says no to his ideas. Gail is upset that she's become so overcautious. Andy brings Paula home to watch a video. Ted takes Rita to a piano bar, where he asks her to come to Florida with him, as his wife. She is stunned. Curly delights in telling Reg that Vanessa is the chairman's daughter. He makes it clear that he didn't tell him before because of his actions over the Chesterfield job. Reg is horrified.


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