Raquel is put out when Des wishes her luck when she mentions that she might move in with Lorraine Kinsey. Angie waitresses to get herself through college. Mavis is astonished that Rita is seeing Ted again tonight. Curly authorises Vanessa Morgan's idea of setting up a cooking display in the store to promote their range of Chinese food. The hospital administrator tells Martin that he needs five 'O' levels to be accepted into the School of Nursing. As he doesn't have the qualifications, he's offered the chance to sit a DC test as an alternative route. Reg tells Vanessa that she's wasting her time as Chinese food doesn't sell and orders her to take down the display. Raquel feels Des might have another woman. She annoys Alec by snapping at the customers. Martin's unsure about becoming a nurse after being told that he'd start off on less money than he's making now. With Sister Walker's encouragement, he puts his name down to take the test next week. Reg annoys Vanessa when he accuses her of throwing herself at Curly in an attempt to better her career. Curly is pleased that he's making such a fool of himself in front of Vanessa. Gail assures Martin that they'll tighten their belts if he decides to go ahead with the training. She thinks they're making the decision as a couple and is annoyed to learn that he's already told the hospital he's taking the test. Ted takes Rita to Romanos restaurant and splashes out on champagne. Rita is embarrassed when Angie serves them. Gail is annoyed that Martin made his decision without her. Martin wants to do something worthwhile with his life.


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