Raquel is put-out when Des wishes her luck when she mentions that she might move in with Lorraine Kinsey. Martin feels that he can't be a nurse as he hasn't got five 'O' levels. Curly encourages Vanessa Morgan to set up a cooking display in the store. Reg tells her that she's wasting her time and orders her to move it. The hospital administrator tells Martin that he could sit a DC test if he hasn't got the qualifications to be a nurse. Raquel feels Des might have another woman. She annoys Alec by snapping at the customers. Reg annoys Vanessa when he accuses her of throwing herself at Curly in an attempt to better her career. Gail is shocked when Martin puts his name down for an intelligence test at the hospital. Ted takes Rita to Romanas restaurant. She is embarrassed when Angie serves them. Gail feels that Martin doesn't stand a chance of becoming a nurse.


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