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Ken returns to work. Curly decides to do the decent thing and tell Reg who Vanessa is. Jim worries as the bike shop isn't doing well. Rita continues to insist that she and Ted are just friends. Curly tries to make Vanessa's life as easy as possible. She fears that he's falling in love with her. Raquel's friend Lorraine Kinsey tells her that a flat has become free in her house. She offers it to Raquel but she's happy with Des. Curly is all set to tell Reg the truth when he discovers that he kept a managerial appointment in Chesterfield from him. Reg says he acted in Curly's best interests. Curly is furious as it's the second time he's done so, after Miles Platting. He decides to keep the truth about Vanessa to himself after all. Des looks after Lorraine when Alec makes Raquel go back to work. Raquel is upset when he flirts with her. Reg is annoyed by Vanessa's presence and tries to make life difficult for her. Deirdre suggests to Liz that she complain Alec discriminated against her because of her age but she doesn't want to return to the Rovers as she's happy working at the Legion. Raquel asks Phyllis what Des's girlfriends were like. Phyllis says they never stay long enough for her to find out. Martin feels unsupported by Gail in his attempts to better himself. Curly looks forward to giving Reg enough rope to hang himself. Rita cooks a meal for Ted at her flat and discovers that he's thinking of living abroad. She is pleased when he kisses her.


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