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Jack takes the day off from the Rovers, with his back, to pallbear. Liz starts looking for a new job. Tracy is annoyed at Ken for embarrassing her and avoids speaking to him. Alec goes to Arthur Titchum's funeral, leaving Bet and Betty to cope on their own. He still refuses to consider asking Liz to help out. Vanessa Morgan starts at Bettabuy as management trainee. Reg puts Curly in charge of her. Ted invites Rita for a meal as a way to bring her out of herself. She accepts. Jack is horrified to see Alec at the funeral. He switches places with one of the other pallbearers to avoid being seen. In the graveyard, Jack keeps turning round to see if Alec is there and is eventually spotted by his eagle-eyed boss. Abandoning his post, Jack runs home from St. Mary's, with Alec in pursuit. Olive Oaks thanks Martin for saving her life. Sister Walker suggests that Martin trains as a nurse as he's a natural. Jack makes it home and Vera pretends he's been there all day when Alec arrives to fire him. Vera momentarily has Alec convinced but Jack's guilt is proven when Alec spots his muddy shoes. Alec sacks him on the spot. Jack begs for his job back and Alec, faced with having to do cellar work himself, agrees to take him back. Reg thinks Vanessa is a spy for Brendan, possibly even his girlfriend. Deirdre encourages Tracy to forgive Ken but she just wants him to go home. Ted takes Rita to a fancy restaurant. They discuss the benefits of retirement and Ted suggests it might agree with her. He tells her that he'd like a companion to spend his retirement with.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 6.30pm to allow for football coverage.
  • The end credits are run over the end of the scene of Rita Fairclough and Ted Sullivan in a restaurant.
  • TV Times synopsis: Why is Jack running across graveyards? Reg thinks he has a spy in his midst.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,130,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).
  • The ITV3 repeat of this episode on 10th April 2019 was edited, omitting 3" from a scene on the doorstep of No.9, where Vera Duckworth accuses Alec Gilroy of "picking on a cripple" by disbelieving Jack's back injury, and another 3" was cut from the subsequent Rovers' scene where Alec reports to Bet that Jack was "cracking on to be crippled, laid up with his back."

Notable dialogue[]

Curly Watts (to Reg Holdsworth): "There's no way Vanessa could fancy Brendan Scott, I mean, let's face it, he's nearly as old as you are!"


Mr Thorpe (to Jack Duckworth): "First it's yer shoulder, now yer guts are bad? The client's in better shape than you and 'e's been dead a week!"


Alec Gilroy: "I'll tell you this, Vera. That man must have a double."
Vera Duckworth: "I don't think I've got a drop in the 'ouse."

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