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Rita is woken at 5.00am by The Kabin alarm going off. Reg, Martin and Jim come to her aid but the intruders have already left after raiding the cigarette display and smashing one of the windows. Rita calls the police. She is annoyed that the shop was broken into despite the new shutters. Deirdre realises that Tracy is sweet on Mark Jackson and looks forward to meeting him. Liz thinks Bet would have talked Alec round if Jim hadn't meddled but now she'll have to find a new job. Mavis is impressed by the way Rita just gets on with things. Reg orders all hands to battlestations when Brendan Scott sends word that he's visiting the store today. Martin gets stuck in a hospital lift with an elderly visitor, Mrs Oaks. She gets claustrophobic and collapses. He loosens her clothing and gives her mouth-to-mouth. When they are rescued she is rushed to Coronary Care with a heart attack. Sister Walker tells Martin that he might have saved the woman's life. Mark Jackson listens to Tracy's tapes in her room. Ken doesn't like them being upstairs together. Andy starts at Bettabuy, on trolley patrol. Brendan Scott tells Reg that he will be getting a graduate, Vanessa Morgan, to train in management. Tracy is furious when Ken sends Mark off after half an hour. She doesn't see why he's in charge as it's not his house. Deirdre arrives in the midst of their argument and surprises Ken by agreeing with Tracy. She is annoyed that he has such a low opinion of their daughter. Martin likes the feeling that he saved someone's life. Raquel gets time off tomorrow to model. Rita is frightened to be on her own at night and compares it to when Alan was stalking her.


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  • TV Times synopsis: While alarm bells ring out in the Street, Martin finds himself faced with a life-or-death situation.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,490,000 viewers (2nd place).
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