Rita has a security roller fitted on The Kabin door. Mavis tells Rita it's obvious that Ted fancies her. Raquel gets a job demonstrating microwave popcorn. She asks Jack to make up an excuse for her to tell Alec. Andy gets tired of Steve moaning about subbing him and asks Curly for a part-time job at Bettabuy. Vera worries that seeing Jack in the hearse was a premonition of his death. Mavis thinks that Ted is perfect for Rita and starts to matchmake. Ted takes Rita to lunch at the Rovers. Jack tells Alec that Raquel can't work as she has back trouble. Bet thinks Raquel is useless and should be sacked. Jim worries that he's going to have to pay out a lot for Andy's grant. Vera discovers that Jack is moonlighting for an undertaker and is furious that he denied her seeing him. She determines to find his money and spend it. Liz tells Bet that she'd like her job back. Bet tells her there'll be no problem. Vera finds Jack's money in his pigeon coop and spends it on a jumper. Jack tells Vera that he was saving the money to help with Terry's wedding. She feels awful and promises to repay the money. Rita thinks Ted's ideas of retirement sound wonderful. Raquel short-changes Reg. Alec tries to cover up for her but Bet tells him that she's useless. Steve tries to make Andy jealous by asking Paula out - he is annoyed when she refuses. Andy tells him that he's too thick to pull Paula. Steve refuses to pay any more rent until Liz and Jim stop giving Andy pocket money. Alec tells Bet that he's not going to sack Raquel.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Who will stand down at the Rovers now that Liz has decided she wants her job back? Mavis turns her hand to a spot of match-making.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,380,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogue

Bet Gilroy (to Audrey Roberts): "Fellas! They think a pretty face can do no wrong. If Raquel came in 'ere and connected the beer barrels to the cistern so the lavatories were flushing best bitter, he'd think it was a good idea."

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