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Martha thinks Florrie is undercharging on her cheese but chooses to buy some without telling her. Eddie buys Len and Jerry's lunch from the Rovers for them as they are having to work late on the club. He says the young and "sure of himself" manager seems pleased with the progress. Jack and Annie realise he's referring to Dennis. Back in the factory basement, Dennis throws his weight around with the youngster when Len and Jerry are out of the way but is humiliated when Len returns and Elsie comes down to castigate him for not leaving a door key behind. Swindley looks for Laurie and is told to look for him in the pub at 8.00pm. The Barlows return by train from their holiday. Albert has got the house ready for them. They are still distant with each other. Joyce makes excuses to Len as to why she stood him up. He is unhappy to discover she and Eddie are friends, realising the age difference between them. Minnie warns Martha from taking up Laurie's job offer as Ena won't like it. Laurie gets hold of some cheaper curtains using Frank's recommendation. He then humiliates Swindley in front of the pub regulars when he loudly refuses to take Gamma's curtains. Elsie, Len and Frank aren't happy with his manner. Florrie makes arrangements to have a public pay phone installed. Emily breaks down when Swindley tells her she is completely lacking in judgement and sense. Mr Papagopolous tells him that he has twenty-four hours in which to get rid of the curtains. Ken admits to Frank that he and Val are still not reconciled. Swindley takes his temper out on both Frank and Emily. She visits the factory and begs Laurie to take the curtains back, saying Swindley is in a dreadful state but he refuses. Lucille is delighted when Eddie asks her out on a date.


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