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Steve receives a Valentine from Vicky in Shropshire. Deirdre sets up a bed in the living room for Ken. Alf is sent a Valentine from "Britannia" (an allusion to Vivian Barford but in reality, Steve and Tracy). Audrey pretends to be furious about it and consoles herself by going shopping. Alec tries to get Bet out of the way before Cherie Watkins arrives. Bet informs him that she didn't set Cherie straight about her being Alec's mother. Reg is delighted to receive a Valentine from Rita, unaware that Steve sent it. Rita is horrified when he comes on strong. Percy upsets Phyllis by telling her that he bins all of his unsolicited mail, anticipating that she'll have sent him a Valentine. Angela Hawthorne agrees to see Derek about a job, upsetting Mavis. Cherie arrives at the Rovers for tea as Bet returns and introduces herself as Alec's mother. As Bet starts bossing "little Alec" around, Alec is forced to explain that he is not a widower. Cherie is not amused and leaves sharply. Mavis tells Derek she can't stand the thought of him spending every day with Angela. He tells her this may be his last chance to get a job, causing Mavis to say he must see Angela. Alec accuses Bet of costing him a valuable business contact with her shenanigans. Paula Maxwell thanks Andy for his card and gives him one in return. He thinks Paula has a boyfriend as he saw her with another lad and is pleased when Paula says he's just a friend. Derek goes to Hawthornes but decides not to see Angela, telling Mavis their marriage is more important than work. Rita tells Reg she did not send him the Valentine. Deirdre is full of doubts as Ken is delivered to her from hospital.


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