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Deirdre refuses to allow Tracy to look after Ken at his flat but is not prepared to take him in herself. Andy spends more time in the bathroom. Ken is told he won't have to have an operation but will have to stay in bed for a while. Dr Quinn refuses to discharge him unless he has someone to look after him. Reg drops hints about Valentine's Day to Rita. Emily calls on Ken while doing her volunteer work and suggests that he sleeps in her front room. Ken is against the idea but she makes the arrangements anyway. Mavis begins to fear that they could lose the house if Derek doesn't find another job and pours her heart out to Liz. Cherie Watkins phones the Rovers and gets Bet. The landlady is furious when Cherie assumes that she is Alec's mother. Alec runs away when Betty tells him who Bet's talking to. Percy feels it's Deirdre's duty to look after Ken. Alec explains to Bet that he was surrounded by widows on the cruise and told Cherie that he was a widower when it came up in conversation, as technically he is. Bet rows with him for telling Cherie she was dead. Tracy and Steve send bogus Valentine cards out. Andy is smitten with Paula Maxwell and puts a card in her bag at the library. Derek realises that he's going to have to ask Angela Hawthorne for a job. Bet tells Alec she's invited Cherie to tea. Ken realises he may have no choice but to stay at Emily's. Deirdre tells him that he can't expect Emily to look after him so he'd better come to her and Tracy.


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Alma Sedgewick (about Ken Barlow): "I mean, to look at him... I mean you would, wouldn't yer? I mean you'd think he was really stable and reliable and everything, the sort of person yer just love giving mortgages to. But his life's a total mess."


Bet Gilroy: "'Oh', she said. 'You must Alec's mother'."
Alec Gilroy: "Well anybody could make the assumption. People say I'm young-looking."
Bet Gilroy: "Oh aye, cradle-snatcher they call me."

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