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Ken has a myelogram. Deirdre doesn't want to visit him again but goes along for Tracy's sake. Derek polishes the car before returning it to Pendlebury Paper Products. Mavis is proud of him for not sinking to Victor's level. Alec gets a postcard from Cherie Watkins in Antigua. Bet demands to know who she is. Alec explains that she's related to a director of the shipping company and he tried to impress her. Bet thinks there's more to it as Cherie refers to her husband as "my dearest Alec" and calls him a hypocrite for giving her grief over Des Foster. Alec swears to Bet that he wasn't unfaithful. Andy can't concentrate on his studies at home with Steve listening to music. Alma is surprised to find herself calling on Ken. He tells her he's pleased she's not selling the cafe any more after hearing it from Martin. Whilst studying at the library, Andy helps fellow student Paula Maxwell operate the microfiche. They are attracted to each other. Derek goes to the job centre but finds he's too old for all the jobs. He worries he's unemployable. Vera excitedly tells Ivy about the baby. Bet beleives that Alec was faithful and rips up Cherie's postcard. Andy asks Paula out for a coffee but she's meeting someone. He hopes to see her again. Tracy tells Deirdre that Ken can't look after himself and they should take him in.


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Mavis Wilton: "'E's got 'is pride, and well I for one am pleased that 'e has because pride leads to faith in yourself and if Derek gives up on that, well, what's 'e got left?"

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