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Tracy calls the hospital to find out how Ken is instead of her mum as Deirdre isn't a relative any more. Vera is pleased for Terry and Lisa. Jack tells Terry he's stupid and Lisa has set him up. Deirdre feels like a fraud when Phyllis praises her for asking after Ken and not being bitter. Angie congratulates Raquel on her miraculous recovery and considers telling Alec that she saw her getting on a bus while she was off sick. Derek rings an old contact who's an area manager only to find he's been made redundant. Terry goes for Jack in the Rovers when Jack tells him Lisa will take his kid away like Andrea did. They fight and have to be separated by Alec. Tracy persuades Deirdre to visit Ken in hospital. Jack and Betty accuse Alec of favouritism when Raquel turns up late for work and Alec doesn't mind. Terry and Lisa return to Blackpool. Jack isn't there to say goodbye to them. Vera calls her husband a louse for trying to put Terry off Lisa. Jack maintains he was protecting him. Deirdre decides not to visit Ken again as she doesn't want to give him the wrong impression. Angie gets Raquel to buy her a drink instead of shopping her to Alec. Ken is annoyed at the lack of info from the doctors. Doctor Wakeman tells him that they need to take tests on his leg and he has to stay in hospital.


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Phyllis Pearce (about Derek Wilton): "Normal people can't get work these days, what chance 'as 'e got?"

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