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Audrey opens the shop and hears knocking from upstairs. Going up to the flat to check on Ken, she finds him in his bed unable to move with his back and a pain in his leg. Ken is embarrassed as he has no clothes on. Derek helps Mavis face Rita and they apologise for their "miscalculation". Rita pretends to be angrier than she really is and takes Mavis back on. She enjoys being in control of them. Vera is determined to make a good impression on Lisa and orders Jack to wear a suit to tea. Deirdre reluctantly helps Ken put his pyjamas on when he asks her instead of a willing Phyllis. Raquel pretends to be ill as she has a modelling assignment. Gail shows Alma their partnership agreement where it states that if one sells they must both sell. Ken is taken to hospital in an ambulance. Rita begins to feel wary about the future. Terry brings Lisa to tea to meet his parents. Terry feels embarrassed and tries to keep Lisa away from everyone but Vera drags them to the Rovers. Jack is annoyed when a short-handed Alec asks him to work his night off, an idea Terry encourages. Martin tells Alma that Mike has won if she leaves town. He makes her see that Mike will track her down wherever she goes. He advises her to stay with her mates and fight Mike. She realises he's right and tells Gail she's staying. Vera guesses that Lisa is pregnant as she only drinks orange juice. When Lisa confirms this Vera is delighted.


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