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Derek is enthusiastic about buying The Kabin off Rita. Mavis isn't sure she'll want to sell. Derek suggests they invite her to dinner that night, soften her up, and gently broach the subject. Sally tells Gail the problems that Kevin is now having from Mike and she apologises for telling Alma. Vera looks forward to Terry and Lisa's visit but Jack is far less enthusiastic at the thought. Vera threatens him again to behave. Ken's back is still tender, but he ploughs on. Sally is thrilled when Kevin buys a double-buggy for her from a friend and they are reconciled. Mavis invites Rita to dinner, supposedly to cheer her up. Rita tells her how she envies Derek's free time. Mrs Jeffers tries to persuade Ken to go off sick but he refuses. Alma receives the cafe valuation and is upset as it is so low. Gail tells her that after buying her out and solicitor's fees she'll have nothing left. She suggests to Gail that she could move out and leave her to run the business as part of a rental agreement. Gail is furious that Alma would let her look after the place single-handed and the two start bickering in front of the customers. Mavis looks over adverts for properties in the country. Rita likes them, not realising that the search is being done on her behalf. Tracy worries about her dad's health. Martin tries to calm Gail down when she rants at him about Alma's plans. She plans to quit herself if Alma leaves. Raquel has a modelling assignment for tomorrow and asks Des to think of a way of getting her out of her Rovers' shift. Derek is on pins as the dinner appointment nears with a special meal cooked. Alma apologises to Kevin for getting into trouble with Mike. Ivy counsels Vera not to get too enthusiastic about Terry's supposed change of fortunes. Rita enjoys the meal. The Wiltons try to broach the subject of retirement to her but she surprises them by telling them they should be the ones to retire. Rita is outraged when Derek suggests he buys The Kabin from her and angrily realises they've tried to set her up. She storms out, telling Mavis she's sacked.


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