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Derek starts making plans to become self-sufficient by converting the back garden for veg, chickens and pigs but Mavis refuses to let him. Phyllis is short of money as Raquel hasn't paid her the £5 back and complains to Audrey about her in the corner shop. She's touched when Raquel comes in and buys her chocolates as a "thank you" and gives her the fiver back. Mike comes round to the garage to have a go at Kevin but Derek butts in, asking Kevin's advice on buying a car. Reg offers to take Rita out ten-pin bowling but she hastily refuses. Ken's back goes again, whilst teaching English. Percy chides the Wiltons for eating out in the Rovers when Derek's unemployed. Alma tells Gail and Audrey that she's more determined than ever to sell up. Mike catches up with Kevin and reminds him that he's the one that committed fraud and tells him to keep Sally's mouth shut. Kevin erupts in anger at Sally for blabbing. Sue Jeffers tells Ken to rest. Reg tries to get Rita to change her mind. She asks him to leave her alone. Reg offers to consider Derek for a job if one arises. Jack reminds a depressed Vera that they've got each other. Raquel's London agency goes bust, owing her £500. She is upset as she can't pay her way but Des tells her not to worry. Terry comes back to Weatherfield from Blackpool where he is bouncer in Winkies nightclub having heard from Gordon Hastings that Vera was trying to track down Andrea. He asks Vera to forget all about the Claytons as he's got a new girlfriend and doesn't want her to know about his past. He delights Vera when he agrees to bring Lisa Horton visiting, so long as his past isn't mentioned by Jack, nor pigeons, horse-racing or pub crawls. He admits the idea to visit is Lisa's and he's dreading it himself. Derek has a sudden idea and tells Mavis they should persuade Rita to retire and they take over The Kabin together. Jack arrives home from work and Vera and Terry threaten him not to mention Terry's past when Lisa comes to visit.


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