Sally hasn't slept well worrying about Mike's crooked scam. Kevin promises her that he'll deal with it, but tells her not to tell anyone. Derek feels that his pride has been hurt now that he's unemployed and reliant on Mavis's income. He refuses her idea that she works evenings in the corner shop. Gail brings Sarah and David round to No.13. She sees that Sally is worried. PPP sends Derek his P45 and an instruction that he returns his company car, or buys it for £5,000. Gail promises she'll be discrete and asks Sally what's wrong. Sally tells her about Mike. Rita tries to comfort a worrying Mavis. Gail finds that Mike has sent Alma flowers, but she doesn't tell her about the proposal. Games mistress Gillian James asks Ken to cover football practice for her. He embarrasses Tracy when he chides player Mark Jackson a lad she fancies, in front of her for his timekeeping. Pushed by Audrey, Alma tells her and Gail about the proposal and that she's refused him. Ken's back goes whilst he's refereeing the football. Phyllis searches for Percy to spend some time with him. Gail takes Audrey to the Rovers to speak in private. They both worry that Mike will weaken Alma into accepting and Gail says she knows something unpleasant about him but is sworn to secrecy. Audrey advises her that she should tell Alma as a friend. Mike chases Alma to say yes to his proposal and refuses to take no for an answer when she asks him to leave the cafe. Derek is offended when Percy gives him retirement advice. Gillian brings Ken home in her car. Alma admits to Gail that she really did love Mike. To put her off him, Gail tells her about the way he's turned Kevin into a thief. Derek is depressed that he found no opportunities during the day. He wants to cash in the insurance policies to buy the car but Mavis refuses. Raquel fails to get a job modelling slippers as her feet are too big. Kevin tells Sally that everything will blow over if they keep their mouths shut. She feels guilty. Alma calls on Mike and gives him a definite no. She makes him go down on one knee and beg her to marry him. Smirking, she tells him that he hasn't changed at all; the Websters' story has made her see him for what he is.


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