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Derek is in a happy mood after a good night's sleep, predicting that Victor will be out of business in eighteen months or so without his talents. He proposes to take stock of his life before deciding what to do next. Kevin realises that he'll lose his job if he goes to the police although Sally thinks they could manage for a while. Vera wonders if Paul will come looking for them when he's older. Audrey is surprised how nonchalant Alma is about getting the cafe lease and she confesses she's worried about Mike's motives. Rita is amused to hear that Mavis refused to let Victor take liberties with her. Jim tells a pensive Kevin how Steve's guilty confederates got off scot-free while the innocent always suffer. An idea suddenly occurs to Derek and he plans to claim unfair dismissal, exposing Victor's harassment through lustful pursuit of Mavis. She's appalled when he talks about her giving evidence in court. Mavis admits to Rita she doesn't want to tell Derek that Victor spurned her, as he might find her less desirable knowing that Victor no longer fancies her. Vera tells Ivy what happened with Paul, admitting she finds herself looking at all little boys, wondering if they're her grandson. They plan a night out at bingo to cheer themselves up. Kevin hands over some of the doctored invoices to a fleet van driver when he comes to collect them. Alma can't understand Mike's motives and starts to obsess about him. Raquel refuses Reg's offer to return to Bettabuy. Mavis firmly tells Derek that she doesn't want their marriage put on public display. She persuades him that their marriage is worth more than Victor's money. Ivy admits to Martin that the children seem happy with Sally. Kevin is miserable but knows that Mike will deny knowledge of the bribes if he goes to the police. Alma can't stand knowing what Mike's up to and calls at his flat asking what the catch is. He tells her that he gave her the lease as he loves her and staggers her when he asks her to marry him.


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Mavis Wilton (talking about Victor Pendlebury): "He was totally unreasonable, Rita. Do you know, to be quite frank, I began to question his sanity. I mean, he's always hated Derek..."
Rita Fairclough: "And you reckon that makes him crackers? Well, I'll take your word for it."

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