Gail is thrilled when Alma shows her the lease document showing that she is the sole owner of the landlord of the cafe. Alma feels the fact doesn't change anything; she's still moving. Derek isn't happy that Mavis has to see Victor to get his job back. She's confident that she can handle him easily. Vera rings Gordon Hastings to arrange to meet him at the Cock and Bottle at 6.00pm. She's unaware that Jack is listening to her from the back door. The McDonalds set off for Steve's hearing at the Magistrates Court. Jack tells Don he's going to follow Vera and beat up Lester Fontayne if he is her fancy man. At court, Steve is charged with handling stolen goods and pleads guilty. Mike tells Kevin to make sure the alerted bills for Jack Halliwell look convincing. Miss Cassidy speaks for Steve's character before the magistrates. Victor is brusque with Mavis, guessing why she is there. Victor tells her that Derek is useless and he won't re-employ him. The McDonalds leave court after the magistrates fine Steve £100. He has to pay it off at £5 a week. Jim is furious to discover from Miss Cassidy that the case against the rest of the gang has been dropped. Jack follows Vera to the pub where she meets Hastings. Mavis accuses Victor of jealousy. Victor tells Mavis he's completely cured; he no longer fancies her and is immune to her. She is stricken. Jack warns Hastings off Vera so she has to introduce them. Mavis tells Derek how obnoxious Victor was. She tells him they must look forward now to other things. Hastings tells Vera that the Claytons have moved to Exeter. Jack refuses to let Vera give Hastings any more money thinking that he's a con man. He tells Hastings to stay away from them and takes her home. Alec is annoyed that Jack hasn't turned up for work. Jack tells Vera he knows that the Claytons are living in Heaton Norris. He bumped into Harry Clayton about twelve months ago and was told Andrea had the boy, Paul, adopted. Vera is upset that she'll never see him. Kevin feels like a thief and is looking out for another job. Sally suggests that he informs the police.


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