Sally finds the child-minding hard work. Gail sees Mike giving Kevin £1,000 to pass on to Jack Halliwell and wonders what's going on. Jack continues to be suspicious as Vera "works late" but still has no money. Mavis brings Derek the papers so he can start looking for another job. He is pleased that Victor Pendlebury is now out of his life for good. Don assures Jack that there's no overtime at Bettabuy and kids him that Vera might have another man, possibly Lester Fontayne. Jack grows worried at the thought. Vera tells Ivy she's determined to see her grandson. Ivy thinks she should be honest with Jack. Looking through the club adverts in the paper, Jack sees that Lester is singing at the Club Tropicana all week. Deirdre tells Ken about Alma's plan to sell up, even though it will cost Gail her job. Kevin gives Halliwell the money but is disgusted with himself. Depressed, he goes home but Sally thinks he's overreacting and should just forget the matter. Derek is at a loose end and wanders round the street during the day. He tries to offer Steve good luck before his court appearance but it goes down badly with him and Jim. Steve is scared that he's going to go to Borstal but tells Liz he wants to be severely punished and sent away so he can't cause more problems for the family. She tells him off for having such thoughts and he admits that the truth is that he's scared. Vera plans to sell the car as she needs money to pay Gordon Hastings and asks Kevin's advice. Alma shows an estate agent over the cafe. Having a writer's block while he writes his CV, Derek feels that he's achieved nothing in his life. He begs Mavis to ask Victor for his job back. She willingly agrees to go and see him. Mike calls at the cafe after hours and gives Alma the lease to the premises. She is stunned. Jack, Martin and Kevin try to get details from Des about his home arrangements with Raquel. Kevin lets slip to Jack about Vera wanting to sell the car. Alma demands to know what Mike's up to. He tells her it's to keep her in Weatherfield as in the end he knows he will get her back.


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Notable dialogue

Derek Wilton: "I would sooner sing for pennies outside the Odeon than work for Victor Pendlebury again. Victor is finished, whereas I'm determined to start afresh."


Ken Barlow (about Mike Baldwin): "He's like a vampire, draining the life out of people, destroying them. How many more times has he got to do it before people wise up to it?"

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