Martin starts back at Weatherfield General. Sally looks after Sarah Louise and David. Kevin can't believe Jack Halliwell's cheek. Steve sees his solicitor about his court case. Kevin tells Mike about Halliwell's backhander. Mike tells him that he wants him to deal with it as he says he can run the garage. Mike tells Kevin the best way to keep the contract is to put £20 on every service carried out for Halliwell's firm to pay the £1,000. Kevin doesn't like the deal as it's dishonest. Victor is surprised at Derek's company report. He agrees that the company needs streamlining and redundancies. Derek is alarmed when Victor tells him that he can see from the report the company needs only one manager and that he has made himself redundant. Sally urges Kevin to stand by his conscience but Kevin realises that he's going to have to go along with Mike. Mike is shocked when Deirdre asks him if he enjoys wrecking lives.


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