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Jack is annoyed that due to money shortages there's no bacon with his egg. Vera throws back in his face the lie he told her that he had to work when he wanted to be with Raquel on her first shift. Vera tells Ivy about her hiring Gordon Hastings. She worries about how much it will cost her friend. Deirdre is upset to hear from Audrey that Alma is leaving Weatherfield to get away from Mike. Raquel is embarrassed when Phyllis finds her earring in Des's bed. Sally looks for a double-baby buggy for Rosie and David. Angie goes for an interview for a waitressing job at Romanos restaurant. Mavis wishes her luck. Victor Pendlebury returns all keyed-up from a team-building management exercise. Derek tries to make him read his proposal to save PPP money but he is too busy to listen. Phyllis asks Raquel for an assurance that she won't hurt Des. Ivy is put out to find out from Sally that she'll be minding the children when Martin begins his hospital job. Deirdre cold-shoulders Mike when he tries to talk to her. Kevin asks Mike to let him handle Jack Halliwell's contract when it comes up for renewal. Mike tells him that he'll give him a bonus if he can get more money out of him. Vera gets a phone call from Gordon Hastings to say that he's tracked down Andrea. Jim worries about Steve's impending court case. Gordon tells Vera that the Claytons moved to Accrington and then to Edinburgh. She gives him £100 to drive to Scotland to investigate further. Victor pressures Derek to go on the management exercise as well. Derek hands over his proposal for him to read that night. Ivy warns Vera not to raise her hopes. Sally tells Gail she's inadvertently spilled the beans to Ivy. Jack is annoyed that he has bangers and mash for his tea instead of steak. Derek looks forward to a pay rise when Victor reads his proposal. Angie gets the waitressing job and smilingly thanks an annoyed Alec for sacking her as she'll be earning more. At Gail's request, Sally calls at No.8 to discuss the details of their childminding arrangement. She's annoyed when Gail warns her that it may fall through if she has to sell the cafe. Kevin asks Halliwell to pay 10% more for a servicing contract. Halliwell tells him that he'll persuade his boss to give him the firm's contract if Kevin gives him a £1,000 backhander. Kevin is stunned.


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