Alma offers Gail the chance to buy her out, but Gail has no money. Sally hands her notice in at the shop. Gail tells Mike that he's tearing Alma apart. She begs him to leave Alma alone. She tells him that Alma is planning to sell up and asks him to stop her by telling her that he's leaving her alone. He says he can't leave her alone as he loves her. Gail tells Alma she can't let Mike drive her away from all her friends. Deirdre agrees to have a drink with Ken as he's so lonely. Raquel starts work at the Rovers. Derek plans to write an analysis of the PPP organisation to show Victor Pendlebury its shortcomings. Ken tells Deirdre about Alma sleeping with Mike. She feels sorry for both of them. Vera visits Gordon Hastings and asks him to track down Andrea Clayton and her child. She doesn't want Jack to know. Alma just wants to get as far away from Mike as possible. Angie is furious that Raquel has taken her job. She tells her that she can have the shoes off her feet as well and throws them at her.


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Jack Duckworth: "Do you know, I could have quite happily stopped in my pit till dinnertime... I hate these dark mornings. Yer see, I'm a sunshine person me. I should have been a Californian beach boy I reckon. I can just see meself now... surfin' the high rollers with the water streamin' off me bronzed, rippling pectorals."


Alec Gilroy: "Now when pouring a bottle of stout - take a 12oz glass, place the thumb 2.5 to 3 inches below the top..."
Raquel Wolstenhulme: "On the outside?"
Alec Gilroy: "Yes dear, on the outside of course... and then you aim the stout at the thumb - this time on the inside. That way, you control the flow and you don't get a big head shooting over the bar."
Bet Gilroy: "No, we've enough big heads in here 'aint we Jacko? Now love, if anyone asks you for a gin and tonic, open the tonic but don't pour it all in..."
Alec Gilroy: "And hygiene... When you're pulling a pint, don't let the froth go over your nozzle."
Raquel Wolstenhulme: "Thumb, tonic, nozzle."
Bet Gilroy: "By Jove, she's got it. She's got it!"

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