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Martin is delighted to get a letter confirming his a job as hospital porter commencing on 20th January. He promises to speak to Sally about minding the children. Jim reluctantly returns to work as Liz assures him that she'll be fine. Raquel is short of cash and borrows £5 from Phyllis. Bet tries to tell Alec about Des Foster but he is too busy to listen as the pie order for the Rovers has been sold to The Flying Horse in error. Bettabuy is short-staffed and Curly is on the tills. Reg wants to take Raquel back on but Curly wants Angie to have the job. Sally calls on Liz to try and cheer her up, but ends up crying over Katie's picture when its shown to her. When Alec is insistent on employing Des Foster, Bet tells him about her previous relationship with him. Alec thinks that she's been unfaithful while he was away and won't listen to her assurances. Gail hears from Mike that a fast-food takeaway is going to open in the now-empty charity shop. She worries about the competition but Alma refuses to listen to his advice as to what they should do. Ken refuses to take a job-lot of books from Percy that he wants to clear out. Bet is forced to show a bad-tempered Alec the bruises that Des gave her to prove she had to fight him off. Alec is furious and wants to sort Des out but Bet begs him to leave it alone as she wants to forget it all. He realises he shouldn't have gone on the Caribbean cruise. Liz is touched when Jim buys her a frame for Katie's picture. On Curly's advice, Vera rings a private detective, Gordon Hastings, for an appointment. Mike calls on Alma to tell him she only wanted to benefit from his experience about the fast-food shop but he spoils things when he says that he knows she still wants him. Exasperated, she throws him out. Derek has enjoyed running things at Pendlebury Paper Products with Victor away for the day. Des suggests to Alec that he employ Raquel as barmaid at the Rovers as Angie's replacement. Alec likes the idea, but she isn't too keen. Sally agrees to the proposal to be paid to look after the children. An upset Alma calls at No.8 and tells Gail that she wants to sell up, move on, and get away from Mike.


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