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Raquel is aware that her presence is causing Des problems as he finds her desirable. Steve can't bring himself to attend Katherine's funeral. Jim threatens to drag him there. Alec makes time to see Vicky before she goes back to school. Andy can't find Steve. Angie overhears Phyllis gossiping about the way Raquel shows off her body around the house. Vicky tells Alec that Bet really missed him and he should make it up to her. Liz, Jim and Andy bury Katherine. Liz cries afterwards when she sees Sally holding Rosie. Jim feels Steve has insulted the whole family and tells Liz that Steve is no longer his son. Steve goes to the police station and tells the police everything he knows about the radios. Bet is touched when Vicky kisses her before returning to school. Jim lays into Steve. When Steve tells him that he's given the police a statement he laughs at his stupidity; the police are sure to make a scapegoat of him. Liz is relieved that now they can begin to get on with their lives. Vera wishes she could see her grandson. Martin has an interview for a hospital porter's job at Weatherfield General. Curly refuses to drink with Des. Angie throws a pint over Des when he boasts that women fall at his feet. Alec reprimands her and she resigns. Des and Raquel decide they don't care what people think about them and start kissing. Alec tells Bet that as a treat for her he's going to get Des Foster to decorate the rest of the living quarters.


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