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Des tells Curly that a mate of his is letting his flat if Raquel is interested. Deirdre is furious to discover that Mike has ruined Ken and Alma's relationship. Mike is gleeful that Ken and Alma's holiday didn't go to plan. Gail doesn't feel sorry for Alma and thinks she's a fool for letting Mike into her bed. Liz knows Katherine is dead before the nurses tell her. She's moved into a private room to grieve. Jim tells the nurse to keep the hospital chaplain away as they're not religious. Audrey tells Alma to stop putting men on pedestals. Alma vows never to be humiliated again. Liz tries to cry but can't manage it. Jim tells the twins that their sister is dead. Ken apologises to Alma; what he did was ungracious. She feels patronised when he tells her that she has a right to be angry. He says he could have forgiven her for sleeping with anyone but Mike. Alma realises that his relationship with Mike is more important to him than his relationship with her and decides she's well out of it. Raquel asks Angie about Steph and whether she's serious about Des. Angie knows that Des is on the rebound. Steve realises that he's been selfish and offers to go to the police and tell them all he knows about the stolen radios to make amends. Jim tells him that he should have sorted his priorities out sooner. Raquel misses out on Des's mate's flat so Des offers her his spare room.


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