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Steve refuses to take the blame for Andy being beaten up. Jim and Liz take charge of Andy and turn on Steve. Angie fixes Curly up with a blind date. Vicky establishes that Bet didn't want Alec to go on his cruise. Phyllis covers for Alma at the cafe. Jim criticises Steve's work at the bike shop and fires him. Vicky wants to get away from the Rovers as everyone will be having a good time. Bet pays for a taxi to take her to Handforth to see Saracen. Vicky takes Steve with her. He doesn't tell his family where he's gone. Emily starts clearing out the charity shop. Ken and Alma book into their hotel in the Cotswolds. Vicky tells Steve she thinks that Bet's having an affair and doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to return so Steve suggests they spend the night at the Ardens' house. Curly suspects Des of playing a joke on him when Angie says that his date is good-looking. He's thrilled when she turns out to be Raquel. Vicky rings Bet to say that she's spending the night with Belinda Johnson but Belinda calls the Rovers and blows her cover. The McDonalds search for Steve. Alma doesn't enjoy herself at the Hogmanay dinner dance as she's consumed with guilt for sleeping with Mike. She comes clean to Ken and begs for forgiveness. He can't believe she cheated on him and leaves the table to take a few minutes on his own. He packs and leaves the hotel at midnight.


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