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Martin tries to convince Gail that it will be alright living across from Ivy. Vicky avoids Bet, who's worried that she'll tell Alec about Des Foster. Steve is frightened to leave the house as the gang hang around the street. Bet feels humiliated and wishes that Alec was back. She pours her heart out to Rita, who takes her out for the afternoon to raise her spirits. The Websters and Platts throw a joint birthday party for Rosie and David at No.13. Don talks Ivy out of crashing the party to give David his present and advises her to give the Platts space. Curly refuses a drink from Des because of Angie. Ken apologises to Alma for spoiling her Christmas. Alma makes out that she went out for a long walk. He suggests that they go away for the New Year and she agrees. Vicky and Steve go to the pictures. The gang follows them there and wait for them outside. After seeing the film, Vicky helps Steve escape. Curly gets drunk and angry that Angie is with Des. Betty gets Reg to escort him from the Rovers. Bet feels much better after her afternoon off. Gail is touched that Ivy bought David a present. Bet warns Vicky about the dangers of blabbing without knowing all the facts. The gang sets upon Andy and leave him a bruised and bloody mess. Alma and Ken set off to the Cotswolds. Liz becomes hysterical when she sees the state of Andy.


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