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Mike promises Alma that he'll make up the last year to her. He spoils the mood by explaining how he used Tracy to get Ken out of the way; Alma is shocked and appalled at him manipulating a child to get her into bed. She calls him a bastard. Vicky goes to No.11 after dinner to keep out of Bet and Des Foster's way. Alma tells Mike he makes her feel dirty and throws him out. Mike doesn't argue with her, confident that he can talk her round later. Curly ruins Christmas dinner by cooking the chicken with the giblets still inside. Tracy is disappointed that Ken and Deirdre aren't getting back together and goes upstairs to listen to her tapes. Bet complains to Des that Alec only rings her to ask how trade is. Emily is relieved when Rita joins her as Percy and Phyllis bicker. A gift-wrapped brick is thrown through the McDonalds' window. The Platts hold a house-warming with the McDonalds, Brennans, Websters and the Wiltons. Gail is keen to tell Ivy what she really thinks of her. Des and Angie get drunk together and get physical. The Wiltons, feeling sorry for lonely Des, call on him and are embarrassed. Jim decides not to report the broken window. Ivy tries to prove to Gail she's a changed person. Gail isn't convinced. Des Foster tells Bet he fancies her and she's very desirable. She tries to fend him off as he makes a pass at her. Des accuses her of teasing him and hits her. She tearfully throws him out, witnessed by a disgusted Vicky.


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