There is uncomfortable silence between the Barlows as Florrie waits in their house for a phone call. Frank gets assurances from them that things are alright when they are patently not. Dennis lies to Elsie that he wants to leave his job because there are no prospects but she sees through him and realises he's been sacked. She refuses to ask Laurie for a job for him. Accusing him of causing trouble, Frank gives Dave a week's notice to vacate the flat as he's tired of problems with tenants. Dennis hangs around in No.13, boring Myra with his employment dreams. Emily gives her an old-fashioned vase which she doesn't like. Emily boasts to her that she's made one of Gamma Garments' biggest ever sales: one hundred yards of velvet curtain material. Dennis makes himself an unwelcome guest at the Booths' dinner. Harry is furious that Dennis has walked out after he recommended him in the first place. Dennis tries to get on Laurie's good side when he calls to take his mother out and takes him down the Rovers for a drink, with money stolen from Elsie's purse. Ken puts Frank right that Dave wasn't at fault and tells his friend that he's exposed faults in his marriage. Frank apologises to Dave but he refuses to let him retake the notice. Val reluctantly agrees to go away on holiday with Ken. Dennis gets drunk as he plies a sober Laurie with vodka. Laurie tells Annie that he got the curtains from Gamma. She's surprised that Swindley sold them to him. Minnie berates Martha for being sharp with people. Even though he sees through him, Laurie promises a paralytic Dennis a job when the club opens. Elsie is livid at her son's state and makes Laurie take him home. Annie accuses Swindley of selling out with the curtains. He is furious and accuses her of telling malicious lies.


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