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Gail is adamant that they can't afford to move. Martin thinks the opportunity is too good to pass up. Bet is still not pulling her weight behind the bar. With Ruby Mottram on holiday, Emily has trouble running the charity shop. She's alarmed when Percy steps in to help. Ken compliments Alma on the floral displays in the cafe, not realising that they came from Mike. Angie is a week short with her rent. She promises to pay Rita the rest in due course. Des asks Lynette why he's been charged so much. Lynette refuses to give him special treatment because they slept together. She's willing see him again as long as he doesn't get serious but Des wants more and so lets her walk away. Mavis tells Rita she's too lenient with Angie. Emily grows desperate to get Percy out of the shop before he drives the other volunteers away. Des and Angie console each other in the Rovers. Rita tells Curly that Angie is behind with her rent. Des takes Angie out for pizza. Martin tells Gail he wants to leave 33 Hammond Road as it was Brian's house. Don leaves the house-hunting to Ivy as he doesn't care where they live. Rita suggests Percy as the Bettabuy Santa to do Emily a favour. Curly is upset that Angie ate with Des. She's shocked when Curly tells her that he's paid her rent himself.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The search for the Bettabuy Santa Claus begins and Reg takes the opportunity to do Rita a favour.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,340,000 viewers (5th place - combined figure including repeat).
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