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Audrey tells Ken that it's Alma's birthday. Kevin knows he'll have to find garage premises before the cold weather sets in. Alma invites Ken to share a meal with her. Jim rows with Jack in the Rovers telling him that an enforcement officer has visited him and told him that he needs planning permission; he'd already planned to apply. Jack suggests he returns to the army and falls under a tank. Alec has to stop them from fighting. Nicky tells Martin that he can't tell him what to do; he's not his dad. Alma is shocked when a cocky Mike turns up. He wants to discuss repairs to the cafe's roof. Alma puts him off and turns down his invitation to a birthday drink. He's intrigued to learn that she's seeing someone. Vera starts a petition against Jim's extension. Sally joins Kevin in refusing to sign it. Alma tries not to spoil her evening with Ken by mentioning Mike but does eventually. He's astonished when she tells him that Mike is her landlord. Vera doesn't get any signatures as the neighbours don't want to take sides. Jim finds out about the petition from Derek and has to be stopped from going for Vera. Bet makes Vera hand the petition over until she leaves the Rovers and bars all discussion of the McDonalds' extension from the pub. Martin tells Gail that the social worker has been in touch about the adoption. He's worried that Nicky will scupper their plans. Alma invites Ken to spend the night with her. He accepts.


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  • The scene on Rosamund Street, outside of Jim's Cafe, was filmed outside of 485 Liverpool Street in the Langworthy area of Salford.
  • In a continuity error, Ken Barlow gives his age as 51 rather than 52.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alma celebrates her birthday. What present does Ken have for her? Tension rises in the Rovers as Jim prepares for a showdown.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,810,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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