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Martin is livid that Ivy is blackmailing Nicky into staying a Tilsley. Gail stops him from going round as she wants to deal with Ivy herself. Jim is sick of waiting for his friend Stuart Morris to draw up the extension plans. Stuart agrees to come over tonight in exchange for Jim fixing his bike. The twins dig a trench in the back yard. The Websters are mollified as it's quiet. Gail is disappointed that Ivy has forced her to come down hard on her as she's tried to maintain a good relationship for the kids' sake. Sarah Louise is upset at becoming a Platt because of Ivy. Martin leaves the kids with Pauline Lofthouse and unleashes his fury on Ivy at Bettabuy. He accuses her of destroying lives. Ivy tells him that so long as she's alive, Nicky will never be a Platt. They ignore Reg when he tries to intervene. Martin tells Ivy he'll see to it that she'll never see any of the children again, and if he ever sees her in the house he'll throw her out. Ivy maintains that she's doing right by Brian by protecting his legacy. Kevin carries on working in the street until he can afford premises. Sally asks Mavis to get Derek off Kevin's back. Ivy complains to Gail about Martin. Gail is annoyed that Martin went behind her back but stands by him. She tells Ivy that she has to accept Martin is Nicky's dad now. Derek is pleased to hear that Kevin's set-up is temporary. Liz is taken aback when Alec shows concern for her well-being. Vera overhears Jim and Stuart talking about building on the entire back yard. Gail accuses Martin of making things worse for Nicky. Martin tells her to remember that he's her husband now and Nicky is his son.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail has asked Martin to allow her to deal with Ivy, but will he let her take charge. And the McDonald's backyard becomes the centre of attention in the neighbourhood.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,900,000 viewers (4th place).
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