Dennis can't sleep during days after his night-shift work at Amalgamated Steel and complains to Lucille about all the noise in the street. Walter sends him a letter from the south of France which Lucille reads, telling them how well he's doing. Dennis worries that he'll incur the wrath of foreman Mick O'Connell if he's late for work again. The club is granted a licence, depressing Swindley. Ena calls into the shop to remonstrate with him and tells him he's useless. Shaken, he tells Emily he's not giving up yet. Ken returns from a meeting with the head at Bessie Street School and tells Dave he's not been given the job of head of department because of the television interview. He thinks Val will adopt an attitude of "I told you so" when he breaks the news to her. Val tells Lucille about Ken's impending promotion and that they'll have more money coming in. Harry warns Dennis not to get on the wrong side of Mick as he leaves for work. Laurie arrives to pick Elsie up. She realises the clock has stopped and Dennis is going to be half an hour late starting. Mick comes down heavy on him when he arrives and the others ostracise him, drinking their tea as Dennis works alone. Len is annoyed by Florrie's changing requirements at the Corner Shop but is pleased when Joyce Lennox joins him for a drink. Two of Dennis's colleagues, Ronnie and Lionel get annoyed with Dennis about two consignments of crates, one of which has to go to Leeds and the other to Glasgow. Laurie tries to buy Swindley a drink but he refuses. Swindley tries to drum up interest in the Rovers about a public meeting of protest, saying that Alderman Langton will be there but no one is interested. As they get ready for bed, Val is short with Ken over the failed promotion, saying he lost himself the job. Dennis puts the wrong load on the Glasgow truck which drives off into the night. Ronnie and Mick realise he's sent the wrong consignment. Dennis nervously starts to explain the error to Mick...


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