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Don doesn't have anything to say to Ivy. Alma doesn't mention the gourmet weekend to Audrey, telling her that she's just going for a meal with Ken. Jim doesn't know whether Liz is having their baby and is afraid to ask her in case she goes off on one. Angie babysits for the Websters while they go to Martin and Gail's stag and hen parties. Kevin is annoyed when his boss insinuates that he's skiving when he asks for a day off to attend the wedding. Don can't believe that he might be paying rent to Nicky one day. Ivy only cares that Nicky keeps the 'right' name. Mavis minds the Tilsley kids. Gail has her hen party at the Rovers whilst the men go to the Tic Tac Club. At the club, Don meets barmaid Julie Dewhurst who uses his cab. He pretends to be her husband when a customer bothers her. Audrey thinks Ken is tight-fisted when he says he can't afford to take Alma away very often. Alma admits that they're going away for the weekend to set her straight. Derek misses Mavis and joins her at the Tilsleys'. Martin gets drunk but Don looks after him. Des takes him to No.6, telling him that he can't spend the night before the wedding with Gail. Martin falls asleep there and Des forgets to let Gail know. Don takes a taxi with Julie. Liz realises that this is her last chance to have a baby.


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Audrey Roberts: "I'm the original party girl."


Mavis Wilton: "Hen party, Mr. Holdsworth."
Reg Holdsworth: "Oh, hen party! Well some of the eggs seem to have hatched, don't they?"

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