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Alec is pleased to receive a letter from Vicky. Liz asks Jim for time to come to terms with having another baby before announcing their news. Rita hopes that Reg will take the hint if she gives him no encouragement. Reg makes a point of telling her that he's now a free agent. Alma assures Deirdre that she isn't seeing Ken romantically. Vera thinks Reg bought No.12 to spy on his staff. Liz tells Jim she's going for tests. Rita is forced to mark Reg's card when he keeps coming downstairs to talk to her. She tells him through the intercom that she's not interested and to keep away. Reg swears he's only after friendship. Ken gets tickets to an obscure play from a colleague and invites Alma. Reg asks Angie to help him design his bachelor pad. Angie refuses to work for him again. Ken and Alma walk out of the theatre during the interval as the play's so depressing. They salvage the evening by going for a drink together. Reg begins to feel down as Rita, Curly and Angie snub him in the Rovers. Alec puts the towels up to get rid of Reg as he's driving so many punters away. Alma thanks Ken for giving her back her self-respect; she's finally let go of her hatred for Mike. Ken can't say the same for himself and tells her about Mike's affair with Deirdre. Liz tells Jim that she wants an abortion.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Only seven people know about Deirdre's affair with Mike Baldwin. Who will be the eighth?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,580,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
  • The Granada Plus repeat of this episode on 6th May 2003 was edited down for timing reasons omitting a scene of length 30" where Liz McDonald asks Jim to give it a few days before telling anyone about her pregnancy.
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