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Liz hides her morning sickness from the twins. Ken orders some delicacies from the shop for a date with Alma. Jim is happy that Liz is pregnant as he'll be around to see the child grow up. Liz doesn't know if she can endure another sixteen years of motherhood and is alarmed when Jim points out that she could have twins again. Audrey goes shopping for a wedding outfit leaving Deirdre to pick up Ken's order. Alec agrees to overlook Liz's outburst. Jim can't wait to announce their news. Rita is horrified to see Reg moving into No.12. Vera starts a petition to have Reg investigated for his treatment of Curly but Curly finds out and rips it up. He reprimands her for interfering with management policy. Rita doesn't know how she's going to avoid Reg and considers moving away. Mavis thinks she's overreacting. Reg plans to turn No.12 into a bachelor's paradise, even though Veronica Holdsworth has all the furniture. Rita refuses to be neighbourly to Reg when he comes into The Kabin to order his papers. Alma thinks Ken hates Mike because of his marriage to Susan. They enjoy being friends and play Scrabble together. Deirdre visits Ken to get his signature on an insurance form and is shocked to find that his food order was for a date with Alma. Alma is embarrassed and hides in the kitchen until Ken calls out to her.


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