Len makes Jerry work Saturday afternoon in helping him with the estimate to convert the factory basement into the club. Len talks up what's needed to get more money out of Laurie. Frank rings a friend, telling him to watch Ken on television but admits he has doubts about the wisdom of his son's actions. Val is still annoyed with Ken. Minnie invites Ena to watch the interview on her set but she's not interested, more bothered about visiting councillor Ernie Loughton with Swindley to discuss their opposition to the club. Myra shows off her skills at darts, surprising Len. Jack moves his television into the bar for the regulars to watch the interview. Dennis hints that Laurie should give him a job in the club but gets nowhere. Val goes to Dave's flat to watch the programme with him. She voices her concerns to him that nothing else matters to Ken when he gets a bee in his bonnet. She enjoys his company. The programme begins with Ken interviewed alongside Frank Quaile of the council. The two clash badly as Quaile tries to talk up their rebuilding programme and Ken accuses him of being smug before the programme is wound up. Watching, Dave thinks his friend went too far but the next day the residents are divided as to who won the argument. Val tells Ken he shouldn't have lost his temper, making a fool of himself and is told in return that she should be more encouraging. Len isn't pleased to hear that Laurie has been invited for Sunday lunch at No.11. Ken isn't happy when Frank thinks he lost the argument. Firm allies for once, Ena and Swindley complement each other on the Mission's Sunday service. Martha tells them that Laurie is inside the factory basement. There, he and Elsie are kissing. Before they can leave, Ena and Swindley arrive and tell Laurie that they are going to stop his plans. Elsie laughs at them.


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Ena Sharples: "I don't follow fashion - I lead it."

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