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Liz goes into town making herself half an hour late for work but doesn't explain why. Rita is curious to see who her new neighbour is when No.12 is sold. Alec is embarrassed at having to asking the Ardens' estate to reimburse him for Vicky's school fees. Bet makes sure that he does so. Alma likes Ken as he seems genuinely interested in what she has to say. Des joins Martin for a film night to take his mind off Steph. Liz overhears Alec telling Bet that he's glad Vicky's back at school, away from the bad influences of the street. She assumes he's referring to the twins and calls him a jumped-up snob before walking out of the Rovers. Bet visits her and sticks up for Alec. Liz apologises, saying that she's had some bad news. Des shows Frank Worral the house. Mavis tries to eavesdrop from The Kabin but the street is too noisy to make out what they're saying. Angie tells Vera about Reg stopping Curly's promotion. Vera is snide to Reg in the Rovers. Ken encourages Alma to stick at her lessons. They are both relieved when he kisses her and she tells him that they needn't rush each other. Jim knows that Liz went to the surgery and thinks she has cancer but she tells him that in fact she's pregnant.


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