Angie throws Curly a lifeline by reminding him that Reg publicly agreed to pay her a professional fee for the float. Curly tells her it doesn't matter as Brendan Scott will want to get back at him for ruining his plans for Raquel in Buxton. Des puts No.6 up for sale. Gail and Martin announce their engagement to Audrey and the Brennans. Vicky looks forward to going back to Codrington Boarding School. Curly tries to get Reg to intercede by threatening to call Alec as a witness to their discussion about Angie's fee. Reg tells him not to worry as Brendan is really after him. Curly faces Brendan and finds out that he was about to be promoted to manager of the Miles Platting branch; instead he is being reprimanded. Brendan tells him that Reg knew about the promotion. Ivy wants Nicky and Sarah Louise to remain Tilsleys. Don tells her that he's sick of hearing about Tilsleys - she's a Brennan now. Audrey hates the Spanish lessons and lets Alma go on her own. Alma bumps into Ken who's doing the wine appreciation course and they go for a drink together. Alec tells Vicky to stop seeing so much of the McDonald twins. Liz overhears and is annoyed. Curly realises that Reg has set him up to stop him being promoted and swears to get even with him. The Gilroys celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. Betty makes a cake for them. The marital harmony upsets Des. Martin announces to everyone that he's marrying Gail on 27th September and they're all invited.


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