Len presents Florrie with a £15 estimate for the counter alterations to the Corner Shop. Albert is down as there has been no change in Susan's condition. Ena thinks it's best not to get close to people in case you lose them and is touched when Minnie says how upset she would be if something happened to her. Val cuts the hair of Joyce Lennox from the raincoat factory for her Saturday night out while her colleagues Irma and Mavis wait. Ken rings Tony Leonard, a former Manchester University colleague and now a television producer about Susan's story to see if he is interested in publicising it. Dave blames himself for Susan's accident. Frank tells him he feels the same way about Ida's death but no good is gained by racking himself over the matter. Laurie offers the work to Len to sort out the alterations for the club with a budget of £750 and an advance of £450 for the materials. He reluctantly agrees to meet him to discuss an estimate. Swindley and Emily ask Val for support with their petition but she refuses, saying she's not against the idea of the club. Val rings the hospital on Albert's behalf and has to break the news to him that the little girl died half an hour ago. Concerned about the effect of the news on Dave, she visits him. She confesses that she and Ken have an intellectual gap and she can't talk to her husband the same way she can him. Swindley tells Ena that some parties are not opposed to the club as they hope to get business from them. Irma, Joyce and Mavis join Laurie in the factory basement. Based on their looks, he tells them he could be interested in employing them when the club opens. Len is annoyed to hear that Laurie plans to employ Elsie. Meeting Tony, Dave refuses to do the television interview so Tony suggests Ken takes his place. He agrees, much to Val's anger. Ken admits the school hasn't given their permission and they row over their mutual motivations, Val accusing him of only being interested in his own importance.


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Len Fairclough (about Susan Schofield): "That kid had twelve years of utter misery, you know. She never looked as if she had a decent rag on her back anyway. She always looked starved to death, didn't she? Black and blue, she was, from the beatings she got all over the house from her loving parents. Now she's departed this affluent society... under the wheels of a dirty great corporation bus.

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