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The twins continue to broadcast 'Just Can't Wait' Radio from the bike shop. Steph tells Des he was stupid for having a pop at Derek based on hearsay. Deirdre starts work at the shop after four years' absence. Audrey is soon swanning off again. Percy is told he'll have to go to St Winifred's OAP home. Jim suggests that the twins advertise local shops to build up their listener base. Phyllis publicly blames Emily for Percy going into a home. Rita is furious to hear Steve giving The Kabin a plug with "Reet and Mave, the page three girls" and complains to Liz about the broadcast. Emily can't bear to think of Percy in a home but Rita tells her that he had a good run at No.3 and will be in his element at the home. Mavis and Derek are appalled to see Simon Beatty kissing Steph's hand at the perfume counter. Emily finds Percy preparing to leave hospital and invites him to move back into his old room. He immediately springs into action, making plans to collect his things from Winnie Dyson's guest house. Liz makes Jim put a stop to the pirate radio. Andy decides to go underground. Ken goes on a walking holiday and leaves Tracy his key to water the plants. Percy gets settled back into No.3, oblivious to the fact that Emily doesn't really want him there. The twins are intrigued to learn that Tracy is looking after the shop flat. Mavis calls Des a lout for being nasty to innocent Derek. She tells him that he should be threatening his wife's lover. Des is stunned.


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Rita Fairclough: "No, she's simmering. She keeps pursing her lips and snorting. She tends to cover the entire Kabin in a fine spray. It's not good for trade yer know."
Emily Bishop: "She's a good simmerer, is Mavis."

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