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Phyllis is pleased with herself for putting Emily in her place. Percy undergoes tests to see what caused his asthma. They reveal that he's mildly allergic to pollen and extremely allergic to cats. Phyllis warns Des that Derek has been bothering Steph. Simon Beatty asks Steph to tell Des about their affair if the Wiltons don't. Winnie Dyson rebuffs Percy when he asks her if she'll put her cat Fluffy to sleep for him. Deirdre refuses to humiliate herself further by asking Alf for a job. She'd like to move somewhere nobody knows her but can't because of Tracy. Steph tells Des that she can handle Derek and begs him not to get involved, worried that Derek will reveal the true reason he's been hanging around her. Malcolm Goodwin, a social worker, calls on Emily and asks if she'd consider taking Percy back in order to free up his hospital bed as Mrs Dyson has turned him away. Emily explains how difficult Percy is and refuses to take him back; she's stood her watch. Andy and Steve start transmitting on 'Just Can't Wait' Radio, playing tapes of local bands, and telling people to shop at Fat Alf's. Tracy calls all their mates to tell them to tune in. Deirdre hears from Liz that Audrey is desperate for help at the shop and Alf doesn't have a problem with employing her. Des tells Derek to lay off his missus. Derek has to stop himself telling him about Steph's affair.


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