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Myra is late returning from her lunch break as she was besieged in her house by Walter Potts' screaming fans, wanting to say goodbye before he goes to Cannes and then on a tour of the country with his group. His departure has been reported in the national press. The star himself is despondent, wanting to stay with the Tanners and confessing to an angry Laurie that he hates having to hide away from the rapacious fans. Laurie gives a pep talk about not wanting to be a window cleaner all his life. Much to Laurie's misgivings, Dennis has an idea for smuggling Walter out of the house. Jerry measures up the Corner Shop for Florrie's plans to open up a sub-Post Office, working out a plan to move the door to stop the draughts. Swindley and Frank argue with Jerry's suggestions. Swindley helps Florrie with her application. Ena thinks Walter ought to go back to his window cleaning. Walter asks Dennis to say goodbye to Elsie and Lucille for him and gives him enough cash to have a bathroom installed in the house. Dennis dresses him up in his window-cleaning clothes to get away. Lucille is upset hear from Dennis that Walter has gone forever. Ken and Val argue harshly when he is summoned to see the Education Officer, as she thinks he is putting his job at risk. Furious with Dave and his influence on her husband, she reveals the depths of her hatred for him. Dave is shocked. He reveals how lonely he has been since his mother died and how much he envies them their usual domestic bliss. Val starts to see him in a different light. Ena hands in signatures she's collected on a petition objecting to Laurie's plans, just as an ambulance passes Gamma Garments. Jerry reports that someone's been knocked down. A depressed and shocked Albert tells Val and Concepta that Susan Schofield was the victim. He witnessed the accident as he saw Dave leading the children across Rosamund Street. A distraught Dave returns from the hospital. Val comforts him as an unthinking Ken rages away about the lack of action by the authorities.


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